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Singapore Cafe: Chirashi-Ai Cafe Japanese Don @ Beauty World

Chirashi-Ai Cafe, located on the ground floor of Beauty World Centre, serves healthy Japanese food — a great option for brunch or lunch especially after sweating-out in nearby Bukit Timah Nature Reserve.

"Chirashi" in the cafe's name refers to chirashi don, their signature dish, and "Ai" means "love", so the name "Chirashi-Ai" can be interpreted as "love for chirashi don".

Chirashi-Ai Cafe

The main cafe area of Chirashi-Ai is located at 01-17 with additional space in another shop unit a couple of units away. The “extra cafe space” provides more tables and is opened to public on weekends only.

Chirashi-Ai Cafe extra space

Ordering and collection of food at the cafe is entirely self-service. Simply collect a buzzer from the counter in the main cafe, find a table, scan the QR code on the buzzer to view the online menu, place orders and pay, then wait for the food to be ready. The buzzer will buzz once the food are ready for self-collection.

Chirashi-Ai's Menu

Chirashi-Ai‘s signature dish is their chirashi don. Chirashi means “scattered” in Japanese, so a bowl of chirashi don has its ingredients, like raw fresh salmon, tuna, swordfish, tamagoyaki (Japanese rolled omelette) and cucumber, cut into cubes and scattered on a bowl of sushi rice with slices of pickled ginger. The mentaiko-version will have mentaiko sauce added above the scattered ingredients and torched with flame.

Mentaiko chirashi don

The salmon sashimi don is similar to the chirashi don except that only salmon sashimi is used as the raw-fish ingredient instead of three types of fish. Both sashimi don emphasised on the freshness of its ingredients without using heavy-taste sauces.

Salmon sashimi don

Apart from donburi, there are Japanese curry series, udon, sashimi platters and salads too. The beef curry udon is served with thin boiled beef slices on sushi rice with non-oily, very-light-spicy and sweet Japanese curry. It is hard not to eat healthily at Chirashi-Ai.

Beef Japanese curry

Other than meals, there are assorted selections of cakes, waffles, ice-creams, artisanal tarts, etc, for dessert. By the way, do return the tray and utensils before leaving the cafe — it will help the cafe to keep costs low and for us to enjoy cheaper Japanese food.


144 Upper Bukit Timah Rd, #01-17 Beauty World Centre, Singapore 588177

Opening Hours:

9am ~ 9pm | Fri to Sun till 10pm | Daily


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