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Singapore Eat: Chin Hock Mutton Soup (进富羊肉汤) @ Bukit Timah Food Centre

In Bukit Timah Food Centre, Chin Hock Mutton Soup (进富羊肉汤) sells traditional mutton soup using meat of old sheep in clear soup. Chin Hock's menu is simple, go for either a bowl of mutton ribs-only soup, mixed or just tendons. The 4th option is a bowl of soup with just mutton meat balls. Interestingly, preserved mustard greens, or mui choy in Cantonese, is also available as a side dish.

Chin Hock Mutton Soup

One of the reasons why I like Chin Hock's mutton soup is there are more meat in one serving at comparable prices.

Chin Hock Mutton Soup

A bowl of Mutton Ribs Soup (羊肉汤) is full of meaty goodness. Despite using the meat of old sheep only, the mutton is not tough and still retain its tenderness. The meat separates from the bones easily. Similar to all other Chinese eateries selling mutton soups, the gaminess of the meat is very mild and the soup has light herbal taste.

Mutton Ribs Soup

The mixed version comes with tendons, stomach and ribs (羊脚筋.肚.肉汤). It is the best option to have most of what the stall has to offer in one bowl of mutton soup. Both the tendons and stomach are very soft, not chewy, and easy to eat. I prefer this dish with more textures over the meat-only ribs soup.

Mutton Tendons, stomach & Ribs Soup

For a collagen meal, try the Mutton Tendons Soup (羊脚筋汤) — I will try it next time instead of meat every time.


Bukit Timah Market & Food Centre, #02-156

Opening Hours:

11:30am to 8pm | Closed on Sunday


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