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JB Eat: Kedai Kopi Xuu Yau (品苑云吞面) Wanton Noodle @ Tan Hiok Nee

Kedai Kopi Xuu Yau (品苑云吞面) is a small outlet along Jalan Tan Hiok Nee and specialised in wanton noodle or dumplings noodle (云吞面), a popular Cantonese noodle dish in Chinese communities across Asia. With just a few tables, the outlet is usually full, especially on weekends.

There are three sizes for the wanton noodle (small: RM7.50, medium: RM8.50, large: RM9.50). Diners can choose to have either "white" (lard) or "black" (lard and soy sauce) sauce — there is "red" (char siew sauce) also but gets sold out super fast. Xuu Yau's self-made thin egg noodle will be used unless otherwise specified. Apart from wanton noodle, soup with handmade fishballs (in quantity of 6/8/10) are also available for add-on.

The (medium, white) wanton noodle is served with slices of barbecue pork and crispy fried pork lards hidden among the heap of egg noodle and topped with chopped spring onions. There are four pieces of meat dumplings in a bowl of soup.

The egg noodle is tender and springy with occasional boosts of flavours from the fried lards and lard oil. The mild-sweet barbecue pork slices are also tender, not dry and tasty. With just one mouthful of the barbecue pork with the noodle, I already fell in love with it! The meat dumplings are also tasty and able to taste the freshness of the minced pork fillings — the best that I have tried so far.

The "black" wanton noodle with dark soy sauce flavour and crispy fried lards is also great without adding saltiness to the noodle. The small-size wanton noodle has lesser noodle, but the portion of barbecue pork slices and dumplings are the same.

Their handmade fishballs are big and bouncy with springy texture, no fishy taste and go very well with the sour-spicy dipping sauce. Oh, the sauce do pack a spicy punch in the aftertaste.

I have yet to try the limited "red" wanton noodle with char siew sauce (probably from the barbecue pork). I may have to be the first few customers of the day to be able to get it — erhm... that's close to 6:30am.


Kedai Kopi Xuu Yau (品苑云吞面)

54, Jalan Tan Hiok Nee, Bandar Johor Bahru, 80000 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

Opening Hours:

6:30am ~ 2pm | Closed on Wednesday


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