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iPackTravel: The All-in-One Travel Library

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

iPackTravel's Travel Library uses a 5-stage travel cycle concept to manage current and upcoming trips. It is a library of resources to provide stage-by-stage walk-through from planning trips to booking flights and accommodations, from packing light to travelling leisurely, and sharing of experience after the trip.​

The five stages of a travel cycle are:

Plan → Book → Pack → Travel → Share

The Travel Library has three collections of resources:

  1. Travel applications (by iPackTravel app)

  2. Extended functions (by iPackTravel's sister apps)

  3. Online resources (by trusted service providers or affiliated partners)

All collections are distributed across the 5 travel-cycle stages according to their applicability at each stage for easy access.

Above: Travel Library menu with applications & online resources.

Note that iPackTravel and its sister apps are iOS-only. Some in-app applications may require in-app purchases. Android users may use our website ( to access the online resources.


Planning for a trip is part and parcel of travelling, either prior to or on the trip. Inadequate planning can lead to travel disappointments, such as missed flight, crisscrossing of travel paths, etc, but over-planning can make the journey less adventurous or too restrictive.​ Planning for travel is a skill that can be picked up after many journeys.

First of all, when setting up a new trip, iPackTravel's World Info data libraries provide information such as major cities, phone code, currency, time zones, languages, city location, etc, for any city that is set as the travel destination. All information are readily available at your fingertips! There is no need to search for these info any more.

When a trip is created, data are retrieved from data libraries automatically.

iPackTravel has a dual-purpose Trip Planner (a.k.a. Trip Diary) for planning of itineraries and daily activities, along with travel routes, time schedules and budget allocations (Budget Planner). Photos can also be attached for clarity.