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JB Eat: Sang Heng (甡興茶餐室) Teochew Fishball Noodles @ Tan Hiok Nee - MOVED


Sang Heng (甡興茶餐室) has relocated to Jalan Permas in Masai, Johor.


Sang Heng (甡興茶餐室)

Located just a few steps from the arch of Tan Hiok Nee Heritage Walk (陈旭年文化街), Kedai Makanan Sang Heng (甡興茶餐室) specialises in old-taste traditional Teochew fishball noodles.

Sang Heng (甡興茶餐室)

Diners can choose the desired size for the noodle dish, the type of noodle, dry or soup version and the sauce to go with. The noodle dishes can be accompanied by handmade fishball soup. A list of Teochew braised varieties (潮州卤料) are also available for add-ons.

Sang Heng (甡興茶餐室) menu

The soup version of the Teochew noodle comes in tasty broth with handmade fishballs, slices of fishcake, minced pork, small shrimps, bean sprouts and topped with chopped spring onions and crispy fried pork lard.

Sang Heng fishball kway teow soup

The dry noodle version has the same ingredients as the soup version except that the soup is served separately. The crispiness of the fried pork lard are more prominent with dry noodle.

Sang Heng dried fishball noodle

Be it dry or soup version, the Teochew fishball noodles are delicious.

One of the recommended braised varieties for add-on is the braised duck meat in dark sauce. The well-braised duck meat is tender and really nice. Apart from duck meat, there are duck neck, drumstick and wings as individual dishes as well.

Braised duck meat

The nicely-fried and savoury yam spring roll (芋头春卷) is a must-try too!

Yam spring roll

There are still a lot more of the braised varieties that can be added-on with the fishball noodles to complete the meal.


Kedai Makanan Sang Heng (甡興茶餐室)

Old: 7, Jalan Tan Hiok Nee, Bandar Johor Bahru, 80000 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

New: 16, Jalan Permas 9/2 81750 Masai, Johor, Malaysia


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